Many students struggle with a particular course. Therefore, MAK Mentorship System TiSEM organizes Study support. In addition to the regular program, students are given the opportunity to attend extra classes. Groups of approximately 13 students will be formed to receive extra coaching from a tutor, who is an older student with specific knowledge and skills in that particular area. These tutoring classes review assignments from regular classes, extra assignments, and old exams. MAK offers 3 different forms of study support.

For more information about a specific course can be found in our shop.

Important: If you do not have a Dutch bank account, please contact MAK at MAK@uvt.nl  for more information regarding your payment options.

MAK Mentorship System reserves the right to cancel a tutorship in case there is a shortage of applications. If you have bought a tutorship that is cancelled, your payment will be refunded as soon as possible. This applies to all groups, ‘Reserve Class’ and time slots. If you signed up for a tutorship, it is not possible to cancel the tutorship after the midterm period. If so, your payment will not be refunded.

Friso Snellink – Lieke van Daele – Lex Adang – Jelmer Scheurs