Private Coaching

Many students struggle with a particular course. Therefore, MAK Mentorship System TiSEM organizes Private Coaching.

If you are struggling with a particular course, MAK offers additional teaching in the form of Private Coaching. After creating an account, you can request to be matched with a student of your choice, who will help you pass the course. All tutors have obtained excellent grades in the courses they offer.

Students seeking Private Coaching

After creating an account on our online Private Coaching platform, you as a student can directly browse profiles of private coaches and request to be matched with a suitable coach, offering private coaching in the course you need help with. MAK will review your match request and once approved, the private coach will receive your contact details (name, email address and phone number) to reach out to you and discuss specifics such as: location and frequency of coaching. These lessons are given at a standard charge of €15 per hour.

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Private Coaches willing to help students

Did you obtain a high grade for a particular subject and are you able and willing to provide extra teaching at €15 per hour, please sign up as a Private Coach. You can become a Private Coach for a specific course if you have passed a course with an 8 or higher (7.5 for EOR students). After creating an account, make sure your profile is complete and attractive, so that students interested in private coaching can request to be matched with you. When a student requests to be matched with you for a specific course, MAK will review this request and once approved, you will receive an email with contact details of the respective student. You may then reach out to the student and discuss specifics such as: location and frequency of coaching.

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