Study Orientation

Are you considering a study program at Tilburg School of Economics and Management? Prospective students can explore the different bachelor programs during several organized events at Tilburg University.

Are you already a student at Tilburg School of Economics and Management and interested in guiding prospective students during Student for a Day, please click here.

1. The Open Day

The first upcoming Open Day will take place on Saturday, the 3th of February 2018. During this day you can visit information sessions of one or more bachelor programs, ask your questions to students, lecturers and alumni, and discover the campus of Tilburg University. For more information on the program or registration, please click here.

2. Student for a Day

Do you want to experience what it is like to be a student at Tilburg School of Economics and Management? Prospective students can subscribe for Student for a Day for the bachelor program of their interest. During this day you will have the possibility to get more information about and more insight in one of the bachelor programs by attending trial lectures. Furthermore, you will explore student life in the city center of Tilburg.

On the 14th of March 2018, Student for a Day will take place for the following Bachelor programs:

On the 15th of March 2018, Student for a Day will take place for the following Bachelor programs:


In a group of approximately 20 prospective students you will learn more about the program of your interest. Each group is guided by 2 student mentors who are senior students in the bachelor program of your choice. They will share their experiences with you and can answer your questions. Furthermore, during a Student for a Day you will:

Below you can find the program of previous editions. Throughout the day, there will be several moments to ask your questions to the senior students guiding your group, professors, and other volunteers. Please note that this program is subject to change.

Activity Time
Welcome and Registration 09.00-09.30
Meet your Mentor Group 09.30-09.40
Word of Welcome 09.50-10.20
Trail Lecture 10.30-11.15
Trail Assignment or Tutorial 11.30-12.30
Lunch 13.00-14.00
Interactive Presentation: Student Experiences 14.00-14.30
Ending 14.30-15.00

After subscribing, you will receive more specific information regarding the program via e-mail.
We hope to see you on March 14 or 15, 2018!


Click here to subscribe: Subscription Bachelor programs Student for a Day

3. Experience a Lecture/Meeloopcolleges

Have you attended a Student for a Day and are you still looking for more information?
After the Student for a Day you will receive an e-mail invitation for ‘Meeloopcolleges’. This are regular lectures taught to first year students. If invited, you can join one of the pre-selected lectures. You will be welcomed by a current first year student, who you will join during the lecture. This student can answer any final questions you might have.

Please note: These ‘Meeloopcolleges’ are only open for prospective students who have previously participated in a Student for a Day. You will receive an invitation via e-mail if you are eligible for this activity.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via or 013 466 2999.

Friso Snellink – Lieke van Daele – Lex Adang – Jelmer Scheurs