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Down below, you can find all available tutors for Economics! By reading through their bio, you can get to know the tutor and see what courses they are proficient in. Their email adress is also mentioned, so you are free to reach out to them!


Ralitsa Andreeva

I am a third year Economics student and I consider myself an experienced tutor already. During the past two years I have taught in MAK both Mathematics and Statistics Courses (individually and in groups of up to 18 students). I am patient and dedicated. As a person who already went through these courses, I believe that I know what most students find difficult and I can explain it in an easy and understandable way. I would be happy to work with you and assist you passing these courses! Feel free to email me:)

Courses I passed with an 8+: Mathematics for IBA/ECO, Statistics for IBA/ECO
Teaching language: English, Bulgarian

Karthikeyan Vaitheeswaran

Hi, my name is Karthikeyan and I'm 20 years old. I'm from India and currently in my third year studying Economics. In my free time I enjoy playing sports, listening to music and watching shows. When I teach I like to make concepts as simple and relatable as they can be. Hopefully I can help you with any difficulties you have with the courses and help you acheive your goals. 

Courses I passed with an 8+: Econometrics for ECO, International Trade for ECO, Business Economics 2 for ECO: Finance, Statistics for ECO.
Teaching language: English

Andrei-Bogdan Duzinschi

Hey, I'm Andrei. Econometrics enthusiast here. I'm all about simplifying the complex. With a solid 9 in Econometrics, I'll guide you through it with ease. When I'm not studying/teaching, you'll find me on the football field or exploring new places. Let's ace econometrics together! I can explain difficult concepts in a easier way because this is how I learned them also. I am patient and I like to take my time with students such that they achieve academic success!

Courses I passed with an 8+: Econometrics for ECO
Teaching language: Englisch, Romanian