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Down below, you can find all available tutors for BE/EBE/FE! By reading through their bio, you can get to know the tutor and see what courses they are proficient in. Their email adress is also mentioned, so you are free to reach out to them!

Lotte Oomens

Hello, my name is Lotte and I have just finished my BSc Economics & Business Economics at Tilburg University. I chose the track "Economics and Society", which is similar to the current "Economics" specialization. My interests lie mostly in micro-/macroeconomics, data analytics/statistics, and mathematics. I would like to help you improve your skills on these topics! I believe that I am able to explain complicated concepts in a way that they become clear and you truly understand the mechanisms. I do this through using graspable examples and simple comparisons, while being patient and making sure you are following. I am available to tutor for a wide variety of courses, in English as well as in Dutch. Don't hesitate to email me and hopefully I can help you set course towards receiving your diploma as well!

Courses I passed with an 8+: Grondslagen Microeconomie (BSc EBE)/Micro 1: Principles (BSc Economics), Wiskunde (BSc EBE)/Mathematics (BSc Economics), Inleiding Data-Analyse (BSc EBE)/Statistics (BSc Economics), Microeconomics 2: Welfare Economics (BSc EBE/BSc Economics), International Trade (BSc EBE/BScEconomics), Digitization and Big Data Analytics (BSc EBE), Organisatie en Strategie (BSc EBE), Marketing in Bedrijf (BSc EBE), Filosofie, Wetenschap en Vrije Markt (BSc EBE)/Philosophy, Science and Free Markets (BSc Economics), Privacy and Big Data (BSc EBE), Marketing Analytics for Big Data (BSc EBE).
Teaching language: Dutch, English