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PASS Mentoring General Information


What does PASS mentoring offer you?

  • You guide first year students at the start of their time at TiSEM during the introduction days of TiSEM which will take place during TOP Week.
  • You guide first year students through their first year at Tilburg University, based on your own experiences. 
  • You will have an unique opportunity to work on your personal branding by following free workshops.
  • You have the opportunity to start as a mentor during TOP Week (last week of August).
  • You'll receive a financial compensation.
  • You’ll have a lot of fun and make new friends!

What is expected of you as a mentor?

As a PASS-mentor, you will guide your students during their first year at Tilburg University. Therefore, you have to be available on campus a full year. During this year, you have the opportunity to develop skills by following several workshops. Furthermore, you will have to guide your students concerning study and integration. You will also meet with your group regularly during the year. 

On top of this, you will organize or attend informal activities together with your group. MAK organizes several informal activities throughout the year, such as the MAK beer cantus. On top of that, MAK organises the Development Day as a formal event with inspiring speakers like Rico Verhoeven, Tim Hofman and Sharon Hilgers of MyJewellery.

The university is always working on improvements of PASS. Based on our experiences in the past year, we might adjust the content of the program and therefore the set up might be different. In order to ensure that you will be well informed about the PASS mentorship, there will be an information session where the PASS program will be further explained.

Next to that, there will also be a MAK Training Day, specifically set up to provide future mentors with the best preparation to become a mentor. During this day, there will be a combination of formal and informal activities. Please keep in mind that the MAK Training Day is mandatory for future mentors!


Lisa K. (PASS mentor in 2022-2023): "As a PASS mentor, you are very useful to the first year students, being the first person they can come to with all their questions. I really wanted to contribute to this, because it is nice to know you can actually make an impact on others. Furthermore, I have also learned a lot myself. In comparison to being a first year when everything was arranged for you by your mentors, I now had to be the person who takes the initiative and helps the students get settled at the university. And most importantly, it has been a lot of fun to get to know the new students and to do activities together!"

Check out this video to see what PASS mentorship is all about!