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Board year at MAK

A board year at MAK is a unique opportunity to challenge yourself to the fullest! So, do you consider yourself proactive, enthusiastic and are you eager to learn? Then a board year at MAK might be something for you.

Below, you can find more information about what a board year at MAK looks like, the different available positions and the application procedure. If you have any questions, send us an email via or walk by our office (E.111).


Do you think a board year at MAK would be something for you? Apply now by sending your CV and motivation letter to before 1 May!


When you decide to apply for the MAK board of 2023-2024, keep in mind that you have to send in your Curriculum Vitae and application letter (in English). After your application, we will contact you within two weeks after your application. 

More information

Do you want more information about a board year at MAK? Sign up for a coffee with the MAK board! During this coffee with one of the current board members we will elaborate more on what a board year at MAK looks like and which positions are available. If you have any other question, you can always contact us via


General MAK Board responsibilities

As a board member of MAK you carry a lot of responsibilities. MAK is a unique organization with great empowerment, since our organizational structure allows us to make decisions without the involvement of a nationwide board or other departments. The board represents MAK towards their members, the university, the advisory council, alumni, and all other (student) organizations. Being a MAK board member is a big honor, but this also brings a lot of responsibilities. Together with your fellow board members, you are responsible for all activities and events organized by MAK. As a board member of MAK, you will coordinate several committees who will organize various activities. Coordinating these committees means that you will keep an eye on the progress of the committee and make sure that the quality of the activity is guaranteed. Together with your fellow board members, you are responsible for the general policy of MAK and you will cope with various complexities regarding MAK. Also, the well-being of MAKkers and the general atmosphere within the group are part of the social responsibilities of being a board member at MAK. We want to emphasize on the fact that all board members carry these responsibilities, and therefore all board positions have common challenges and tasks.

Rewards of a MAK Board Member

It goes without saying that being a MAK board member is very rewarding. A board year offers you the opportunities to develop yourself in a broad sense. You will find yourself in many challenging situations and there will be many opportunities to develop and improve various skills (i.e. presenting, personal effectiveness, discussing, stress-management, cooperating, etc.). Besides, you will get to know yourself very well during a board year, which is very valuable for your future career. At MAK, a professional coach will guide you through team workshops and personal conversations, to improve the collaboration of the board and to stimulate the personal development of board members. Furthermore, you will gain insights in how to work in a large professional environment like Tilburg University, which has many dependencies. Also, you will get to know a lot of new people which can be very valuable for your network. Besides these rewards, a board position at a professional organization forms a valuable addition on your CV. Prior board members have had an advantage at major employers in the Netherlands, when applying for a job! Likewise, experiences of a board year will provide you with a lot of examples of situations to use in job interviews. Last but not least, doing a board year at MAK is an amazing and fun experience!

As a MAK board member, you are an employee of the Education Support Team of Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM). Therefore, you will receive a monthly financial compensation, as well as all benefits of Tilburg University employees.


As a general board member various qualities are required, which are listed below.

  • You have good (non)-verbal communication skills;
  • You are able to coordinate the organization of large-scale events;
  • You have sufficient social skills;
  • You are a team player;
  • You are able to motivate your fellow board members and MAKkers;
  • You are stress resistant;
  • You have a structured way of working;
  • You have a proactive attitude;
  • You are fully committed to serve MAK.

Now you know about the general responsibilities, rewards and requirements it might be interesting to have a look at the specific board positions.



As the Chairman of MAK, you are responsible for the external communication. You are the contact person for several student organizations, within TiSEM the Education Support Team, International Office, and for all volunteers at MAK, ‘MAKkers’. Furthermore, as chairman of MAK, writing policy and strategic plans is one of your main tasks. Also, you will be part of the General Board of Asset and are responsible for a good cooperation with Asset. Good written and verbal skills are important. For this function, it is important that you are capable of keeping the overview, you need leadership skills, and finally, you need social skills and the capability to listen to others.

Contact Jules, the current chairman, via for more information!


As the Vice-Chairman of MAK you are responsible for the internal communication. Furthermore, you are responsible for tasks related to our PASS Mentoring Program (guiding TiSEM Bachelor students) and the Introduction period. This requires leadership skills, innovative skills, planning skills and stress-resistance. These skills are needed when you organize events such as the MAK Introduction Day, which takes place in the introduction period and embodies all TiSEM freshmen. Furthermore, you are responsible for the organization of several mentor-related events such as the TiSEM lunch and the TiSEM beer cantus. Besides these activities, you will help the Chairman of MAK with writing policy and deciding on the long-term strategy of the organization.

Contact Maarten, the current vice-chairman, via for more information!


As the Treasurer of MAK, you are responsible for all financial concerns of MAK. This includes determining budgets, maintaining the financial situation throughout the year and writing the annual report. This means that you are financially involved in all activities organized by MAK. As the Treasurer, you will be translating ideas and policy to budgets. Furthermore, you are responsible for the acquisition and contact with sponsors and partners. You are also responsible for all internal social activities. As the treasurer of MAK you need good negotiation skills, accuracy, and a structured and orderly way of working.

Contact Neele, the current treasurer, via for more information!

Educational Affairs

The main tasks of the Educational Affairs of MAK are related to educational support, study information and orientation activities. On the one hand, you are responsible for the organization of the tutorships and private coaching for TiSEM students. This requires an orderly way of working and eye for detail. You will also organize large scale events that require planning skills and stress resistance. These events are Student for a Day, a two day event for 500 prospective students that takes place twice a year, and the Summer School, preparing upcoming pre-master students for mathematics and statistics. Due to this educational related portfolio, you will remain contact with numerous people within Tilburg University.

Contact Ivo, the current educational affairs, via for more information!