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Board 2023-2024

Board 2023-2024

Jules Orval - Chairman
Maarten Slobbe - Vice-Chairman
Ivo Schurink - Educational & Policy Affairs
Neele van Casteren - Financial Affairs

From left to right: Maarten Slobbe, Ivo Schurink, Neele van Casteren, Jules Orval

Board 2023-2024 - board photo

Jules Orval | Chairman

Hello everyone! My name is Jules Orval. I am 22 years old and originally from Venlo, a town in the east of the Netherlands. In 2020, I started the course Economics and Business Economics here at the University, which I am hoping to finish this academic year next to my board year at MAK. After being active at MAK for two and a half year and an exchange semester, I decided it was the perfect time to develop myself on a whole different level. That’s why I applied for a board year at MAK as chairman. As the chairman, I am responsible to lead MAK and the board. For example, I represent MAK externally; to stakeholders like the University, Asset and other associations, and I am responsible for writing and the execution of the policy. All these tasks give me the possibility to develop myself on skills I did not learn during my studies. Next to professional skills, a board year is also a great opportunity to get to know more about yourself and to extend your network.

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Maarten Slobbe | Vice-Chairman

Hello! I am Maarten Slobbe, and this year I will be the Vice-Chairman of MAK!
Before I started my board year at MAK I was studying International Business Administration. But I felt I was up for a new challenge, I wanted to broaden my horizon and found MAK to be the perfect environment for me to grow as a student and work with fellow students to achieve some amazing things. As Vice-Chairman of MAK, I am responsible for the PASS Mentoring Program of TiSEM and the Introduction period at the beginning of the year. With these responsibilities comes the task of maintaining in close contact with the university and other parties. Furthermore, as Vice-Chairman I am also responsible for the internal affairs of MAK. The duality of working with of the university and students is what I find most enjoyable and educational. I am looking forward to a year of personal growth and facilitating others to do the same.

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Ivo Schurink | Educational & Policy Affairs

Hi! My name is Ivo Schurink and this year I fulfill the role of Educational & Policy Affairs! I have finished the first two years of the bachelor Economics, which I have now put on hold as I am working full-time as a board member of MAK. I have been an active member at MAK since February 2022, and in this time I have been part of several committees. During this time, I developed myself in several ways and I soon knew that a board year was the next step for me. During my time as an active member, I learned what a unique organization MAK is. Therefore, I specifically wanted to do a board year at MAK. MAK is a small organization of +- 25 students who are all active in multiple committees. This results in a high level of social cohesion. Next to this, the MAK board is part of the Education Support Team of TiSEM. This means that you often work together with the University, which is highly educational. At the beginning of September, I started my board year as the Educational & Policy affairs. The core task of my function is focussed on Study Support. I set up all the different types of help that MAK offers. This requires planning, doing interviews, contact with tutors and contact with course coordinators from the University. In addition, I am also involved in the policy that MAK conducts. This means that I help determine in which direction the governance of the organization moves, which is very interesting as a lot of stakeholders have to be taken into account. Moreover, I coordinate the Lustrum committee, which is the biggest committee within our organization. Looking back on the past few months of my board year, I can only conclude that I have developed myself in various ways and that a board year at MAK in general is a boost for your learning curve and an extension of your network!


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Neele van Casteren | Financial Affairs

Hey! My name is Neele van Casteren and I am the current treasurer of MAK.
I have been studying business economics for 3 years now and am planning to finish my bachelor's degree next year. After finishing my internship I decided I wanted to develop myself on a more personal level and to get more involved in an active friend group. The events MAK organizes spoke to me most. As the treasurer I am responsible for the financial aspects of the association. This includes, for example, creating a budget and upholding the relationship with partners. Besides, I lead several committees, such as the auditing and Career Event committee. I also lead the committee that is responsible for the mentor recruitment during TOPweek, the pre-master introduction and the academic kick off of the year. 

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