As part of the PASS mentoring program, MAK is organizing the Development Days. On Tuesday the 12th of February the MAK Development Day takes place for all first year BE, EBE and FE students. Students of ECO, EOR and IBA follow the MAK Development Day on Monday the 18th of February. The program of both days starts at 15.00.

15.00   Opening


  •  Presentations by Nicolien Sauerbreij (Olympic champion snowboarding) and Florian Dirkse (Co-founder The Ocean Cleanup)
  • .Workshop

18.00   Free dinner

Each student can indicate their preference for the workshop in the registration form. You can register for the Development Day via the PASS-TiSEM Blackboard page. The workshops are assigned on a first come, first served basis. You can choose from the following 7 workshops:

Personal Branding – Career Services

You know what you’re good at and know what kind of job you want. So what now?
How can you succeed in achieving what you want? Are you going to be pro-active, impress everyone and make sure that you’re the first person that comes to mind?

This hands-on workshop introduces you to the basics of personal branding and holds up a mirror. How to present yourself (as a brand)? Which impressions do you leave after meeting people? By participating in this workshop, you will get better insight in the way you present yourself and the image that people have of you.

Talent Check – Career Services

Career management starts with discovering yourself. In this workshop, you will get the opportunity to uncover your talents and qualities that make you unique. You will also learn that your pitfalls are actually hidden qualities and insight is given in how to evolve those.

Effective Communication – Career Services

Why is it that speaking with some people is more easily than others? Why do some other people don’t understand you, whereas others do, and you tell the same story? In this workshop, we reveal the secrets of effective communication. You will discover your preferred communication style, including advantages and pitfalls. You will also learn about adapting your style, depending on other styles, in order to get things done with mutual understanding and agreement.

Personal Effectiveness – AIESEC

The Personal Effectiveness workshop concerns personal goals and successes and the way to obtain these. Time management is a tool to increase your personal effectiveness.

Positive Thinking – AIESEC

Everyone has a negative thought once in a while, but some can deal with those thoughts more efficient than others. During this interactive workshop 2 theories will be discussed to show you how you can turn your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Studying Effectively – Wakker bij Bakker

Can you be found studying last-minute late into the night for exams? Is it difficult to find the motivation? Or were you stressing without the desired results?

The workshop ‘Studying Effectively’ provides you with insights in how to manage your time for your study, keeping balance with your personal life. Subjects like time management, study techniques and motivation will be discussed, all while keeping time available for fun things.

The Millennial Dilemma – Wakker bij Bakker

Are you on the right track? Are you following the right dream? Will you end up where you want to go? During the workshop The Millennial Dilemma the factors that influence the intensity of stress feelings during the student phase of your life will be discussed. Expectations from your surroundings, an ambitious society, and the many choice possibilities available to you. A dilemma you face in your twenties, which we all deal with. Follow the workshop to obtain insights in how to deal with it.


You can register for the Development Day via the PASS-TiSEM Blackboard page.