TOP week

The TOP week provides you the ideal opportunity to get to know fellow students, discover Tilburg University and explore what being a student in Tilburg has to offer you.

Every year, before the academic year starts, the TOP week takes place. This is the general introduction week for new Tilburg University students.

The TOP week is the first time freshmen have the opportunity to get to know each other. Throughout the whole week all kind of fun activities will be organized that will stimulate the introduction and integration of the students. During this week, all freshmen will be divided into groups of approximately 15 people who all have the same study program. The group will be guided by two senior students (student mentors), who will show them all aspects of student life in Tilburg. The week gives you an impression of all sport clubs, study associations and student groups Tilburg has to offer. You will meet many new people and make great friends of the same study program.

If you want to participate, you can subscribe at The fee for the entire week is €75,- and includes lunch and dinner for the entire week. Your mentors will make sure everybody has a place to sleep, so you don’t have to find a place yourself! More information regarding this week can also be found on the website.

To get a better view of this amazing introduction week, you can take a look at the experiences of last year.

Friso Snellink – Lieke van Daele – Lex Adang – Jelmer Scheurs