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Board 2022-2023

From left to right:
Heleen Timmerman - Chairman
Lieke Zaadnoordijk - Vice-Chairman
Marlie Snoeijen - Educational Affairs 


Heleen Timmerman | Chairman

Hi everyone! My name is Heleen Timmerman. I am 20 years old and am originally from Twente. Next to my board year, I’m also studying Fiscale Economie here in Tilburg. After two years of being active at MAK, I decided it was the perfect time to develop myself on a whole different level after my studies and several committees at MAK. That’s why I applied for a board year at MAK as chairman. The prospect of doing this with and for an awesome group of friends was what won me over. As the chairman, I represent MAK to stakeholders like the University, Asset and other associations. Next to that, I am responsible for writing and executing the policy, to lead the organisation. All these tasks give me the possibility to develop myself on skills I did not learn during my studies. Next to professional skills, a board year is also a great opportunity to get to know more about yourself and to extend your network..

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Lieke Zaadnoordijk | Vice-Chairman

Hi! I am Lieke Zaadnoordijk and this year I am the Vice-Chairman of MAK! Before I started my board year at MAK I was studying International Business Administration. I have been active at MAK for more than two years already, and was very happy to be able to become the board of this amazing group of friends! As the Vice-Chairman of MAK my main responsibilities lie with the PASS Mentoring Program of TiSEM and the introduction period. A close contact with the university comes along with these tasks. This contact is a very educational experience and gives me a chance to obtain matching skills! Besides PASS and the introduction period, I am responsible for the internal affairs of MAK. Coordinating a mix of informal and formal committee’s is one of the parts I enjoy most about being the Vice-Chairman of MAK! At last, as a Vice-Chairman I support the Chairman of MAK with writing policy and deciding on the long-term strategy of the organization.

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Marlie Snoeijen | Educational Affairs

Hi! My name is Marlie Snoeijen and this year I am MAK’s Educational Affairs! After I graduated from the bachelor Business Economics, I decided it was time to develop myself outside the classes of Tilburg University in a more practical way. MAK crossed my path and I was intrigued to do a board year at at this fantastic organization! The ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality with which you organise amazing events with a close group of friends is in my opinion unique for a student organisation. At the beginning of September, I started my board year as an Educational Affairs. This function encompasses a great variety of responsibilities, but the main focus is on Study Support. I try to help students who face difficulties with passing certain courses by providing tutorships taught by other students who have passed the same course with a high grade. This requires a lot of planning and organisation by doing interviews, scheduling, and promoting tutorships and improving the quality of our offerings. Moreover, I coordinate committees like the Student for a Day and the Introduction committee. Looking back on the past few months of my board year, I can only conclude that I have developed myself in various ways and that a board year at MAK in general is a boost for your learning curve and an extension of your network!

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