Student for a day

Prospective students of Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) can explore the different bachelor programs during Student for a Day. During this day you will have the possibility to get more information about and more insight in one of the bachelor programs by attending trial lectures. Furthermore, you will explore student life in the city centre of Tilburg.

Student for a Day

On the 2nd of November 2016, Student for a Day will take place for the following Bachelor programs: Bedrijfseconomie, Fiscale Economie and Econometrics & Operations Research. On the 3rd of November 2016, Student for a Day will take place for the following Bachelor programs: International Business Administration, Economics and Economie & Bedrijfseconomie.
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Day program

The day will start with study specific information. After this session you will attend different trial lectures. You will follow a trial lecture, a trial tutorial and a case or a computer assignment, depending on the study for which you subscribed. After the lunch, the afternoon program will take place in the city of Tilburg in which you will learn more about the different aspects of student life. For example the different study and student associations will present themselves and besides that you will hear more about the introduction period of upcoming summer. Furthermore, during the English Student for a Day you will also be informed about the motivation letter, which you will have to write to apply for the English Bachelor’s programs. The day will end with a two-course dinner in one of the restaurants at the centre of Tilburg. During this dinner you will have the possibility to discuss the day and to ask your last questions to your mentors. These mentors are senior students and they can tell you everything about the study and the student life in Tilburg. We hope you will all join us!


Future dates

The future dates for Student for a Day still have to be determined, but will take place in March/April.