MAK/TOP Mentor

Do you want to give freshmen the best start of their student life? Then you should become a MAK/TOP mentor!

As a MAK/TOP mentor you will guide a group of freshmen during the TOP Week and their first semester. Your group consists of students who are going to study in Tilburg for the next couple of years. You will show them around Tilburg University and the city of Tilburg. As a mentor you will make the students experience an unforgettable week with loads of fun and you will also provide them an excellent start of their study career.



During the TOP Week you will attend a lot of (fun) activities with your ’kids’. On Monday you will start at Tilburg University with the MAK Introduction Day. The MID is an informal day on which mentor groups will get to know Tilburg University and their mentor group. Besides the MID, MAK also organizes the Program Introduction before, during or after the TOP Week (depends on study program). During the Program Introduction students are provided with all the practical information needed to start their academic carrier the best way possible. The rest of the week you and your ‘kids’ can participate in, for example, the swimming day at Stappegoor and the games day in the Leijpark.

After the TOP Week you will guide these students during the first semester of their first year. You have to make sure that your ‘kids’ will have a good start of their academic career and have you to turn to in case anything is wrong or if they have any questions. You also have to make sure that they feel comfortable at Tilburg University and in the city of Tilburg. When there are any problems you can communicate this with MAK. If you have met all requirements you will get a financial compensation for your effort.

If you want to apply for this fun experience, keep an eye on this website or the TOP website.