TOP Week


TOP is the abbreviation of Tilburg Orientation Program. This is the general introduction week for all new students at Tilburg, especially for TiU students. This year, the TOP Week will be held from Monday 21st of August until Friday 25th of August.

At the beginning of the week, you will be assigned to a group with your fellow students. Two senior student mentors will accompany you throughout the program. During the TOP Week you wiil see various aspects of Tilburg. It is designed to give you an impression of all the sports clubs, study associations and student groups that Tilburg has to offer, and will be a great opportunity to meet lots of new people! And of course you’ll get your first taste of the nationally renowned Brabant nightlife. Furthermore, you will get to know Tilburg University during the required Program Introduction, where you will receive all the information you need to get your new life as a student in Tilburg off to a good start.

The city of Tilburg will be buzzing during the TOP Week. There is a flat fee of just € 75,- for taking part in all the activities. Apart from getting to know the city, TOP also throws a spectacular opening party, a festival in the city center of Tilburg and a fabulous day of fun and games. The TOP will take care of your lunch and dinner for the entire week. Your mentors will sort out your accommodation during this week (and only during this week), so you can still take part even if you haven’t found a place to live in Tilburg yet!

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