Many students struggle with one course or another. That is why we decided to help. Building on past successes, MAK Mentorship System TiSEM organizes tutorships.

In addition to the regular program, students are given the opportunity to attend extra classes in one of the courses listed below. Groups of about thirteen students will be formed to receive extra coaching from a tutor, which is an older student with specific knowledge and skills in that particular area. These tutoring classes review assignments from regular classes, extra assignments, and old exams.
Classes will start in the third week of the semester and will last till the end of the semester. In total 13 tutorships will be given and each tutoring class lasts 90 minutes. The language spoken in the tutorships corresponds to the official language spoken in the course. However, for the English taught courses, the language could be Dutch if there are only Dutch speaking participants. The costs for the tutorships are €65.

Click here for a detailed registration guideline

Click here to select your desired tutorship and pay via iDEAL



We offered tutorships for the following courses:

  • BRAP (inleiding boekhouden)
  • Wiskunde 1
  • Statistiek 2
  • Mathematics 1
  • Finance 2 (IBA)
  • Statistics 2 (IBA) – old version
  • Linear Algebra
  • Statistics for EOR
  • Mathematics for premaster
  • Statistics for premaster

Semester 1, 2017/2018:

Registration for tutorships for this semester, 2017/2018 is open until  September 15, 2017 23.59.

MAK Mentorship System reserves the right to cancel a tutorship in case of not enough applications. If you have bought a tutorship that is cancelled, your payment will be refunded as soon as possible. This applies to all groups, ‘Reserve Class’ and time slots.

If you would like to follow a tutorship in another course, please contact us. If six people or more would also like to follow a tutorship in this course, we will find out whether it is possible to set up a tutorship in this course.


You can register for tutorships for the first semester via Blackboard. You must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the MAK tutorship shop
  2. Choose the tutorship you want to follow
  3. After you completed the payment, you will receive an email with a subscription code for the Blackboard page
  4. Go to Browse Course Catalog on your Blackboard page in Blackboard tools
  5. Fill in: Tutorship and enroll for the course of your choice with the subscription code
  6. Go to the course and enroll for a group which fits your schedule best
  7. Click on the refresh button of the group page
  8. Make sure you complete the payment via our website and the enrollment in Blackboard. If you miss one of these two steps, your subscription will not be completed!



To find the right tutorship, you have to search on name and not on course ID.

The deadline for tutorship subscription and payment will be announced.

Click here to select your desired tutorship and pay via iDEAL

Important: If classes are full you can enroll in the ‘reserve classes’ (waiting list). We are doing the best we can to add extra classes and to start these up as soon as possible. If we are able to place you in a new class we will let you know.

Further information

For more information about tutorships, private coaching, or the subscription procedure you can contact MAK. Check FAQ, send an e-mail to MAK@tilburguniversity.edu or visit the MAK-room (P0.1).