MAK’s partners

Below you can find several interesting links to associations and organizations which are partners of MAK. These organizations might be useful for students of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management. Please check them out if you want to know more about them. On the second part of this page you can find more information about the Tilburg School of Economics and Management’s faculty association Asset and in which ways it differs and equals to MAK. 

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The following organizations are partners of MAK:

  • Student Sounds – The largest student party in the south of the Netherlands which is held two times per year
  • Asset – The faculty association of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  • Asset | Accounting & Finance – Study association for students interested in financial study directions
  • Asset | Econometrics – Study association for students in Econometrics & Operations Research
  • Asset | International Business & Management – Study association for students studying International Business Administration and International Business
  • Asset | Economics – Study association for students studying Economics
  • Asset | Marketing Association Tilburg – Study association for marketing students
  • Asset | SBIT –  Study association for information management
  • Asset | Strategy and Logistics – Study association for logistics and strategic management
  • ECCO – The student fraction of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management
  • T.F.V. De Smeetskring – Student association for students of fiscal economics
  • Tilburg University Summer School – Intensive acadamic courses combined with cultural and social activities during the summer
  • Tilburg Orientation Program – The TOP-week is the introduction week of Tilburg. Together TOP and MAK try to organize the best introduction period as possible.
  • StuDocu – This website has grown into becoming one of the most used websites for students. Currently, one out of two students in the Netherlands are using On the websites there are in total more than 600,000 documents for all the universities and the total number of users is above the one million! Summaries, past exams, college notes, and a lot more!

The following associations are partners of MAK and related to international affairs and students:

  • AIESEC – International platform for living and/or working abroad, or for internships.
  • I*ESN – European wide student network with goal to support and develop student exchange.
  • AEGEE – Association with the aim to improve intercultural contacts within Europe.

MAK and Asset

Next to MAK, also Faculty Association Asset is an organisation who offers you as a student a range of beneficial services and interesting activities. These two organisations have proven to be very helpful during study career of students. MAK and Asset both try to reach all students studying at Tilburg School of Economics and Management. The setup for the two associations is as follows: MAK is responsible for the first-years’ introduction activities. Hereby, MAK has the first contact with new students. During the first year students already come into contact with the services of Asset, for example its beneficial book discounts and other activites which are organized by the different departments. After the first year Asset’s role for Students becomes more important and organizes more specific activities for interested students. Of course, MAK continues to be valuable through its provision of information, tutorships, private coaching and international activities (with the goal of integration).