All activities of MAK are organized by many committees. Below, you can find all committees of MAK with a short description.

MAK Committees

Mentor Recruitment Committee
During the TOP Week and the semester thereafter, the mentors of MAK are there to support the TiSEM freshmen. These mentors make sure that new students get all the help they need to be successful at Tilburg University during their first year. This committee is responsible for setting up a promotion campaign, and selecting the best possible mentors for the MAK.

Mentor Accompaniment Committee
This committee is responsible for the accompaniment of the first year students, trough mentors. This committee is also responsible for the organisation of the social activities for the first years, such as a lunch, barbecue, and beercantus. All in all a very diverse committee!

Program Introductions
The purpose of the Programma Introductie / Program Introduction is to prepare the new students of Tilburg School of Economics and Management for their start of their study time at Tilburg University. One day is held for all students starting a Dutch bachelor and the other day for all students starting an international bachelor. On this day students get an introduction to their studies, receive their schedule, have the possibility to buy their books and will learn how the digital learning environment works.

MAKazine Committee
Twice a year the MAK publishes an information magazine, which contains a lot of important information for first-year students. The committee is responsible for writing texts and performing the layout of the magazine. Also, the MAKazine is responsible for the Introduction Guide. The Introduction Guide is an information magazine that is sent to all students who have applied for the Tilburg School of Economics and Management. It contains information about the Program Introduction, and is sent to all new students in April, May, June and July. The committee is responsible for writing texts and performing the layout of the magazine.

Proefstuderen/Student for a Day
This committee organizes Student-for-a-Day for Tilburg School of Economics and Management. During these days students from 4, 5 and 6 VWO can experience the life as a student for one day. In the morning students attend lectures of a study of their preference and interest. During lunch and in the afternoon they will participate in a program in the city centre in which they will experience different aspects of the life as a student. Student-for-a-Day is held twice a year, in November and April. In both spring and autumn one day is organized for all students interested in an English-taught Bachelor program and one day is organized for all students interested in an Dutch Bachelor.

Student Sounds Committee
This committee is responsible for the organization of the Student Sounds parties. More information about Student Sounds can be found on their website.

Eerstejaarscommissie Bedrijfseconomie
The freshmen committee Business Economics is there to let students of BE integrate with each other by organizing several (in)formal activities. During their first year three or four activities will be organized. The committee members are freshmen students of BE and the committee is coordinated by two people of the MAK.

MAK Introduction Day
This committee is responsible for the organization of the MAK Introduction Day (MID) which is an introduction day for all new bachelor students of the School of Economics and Management. During this day the new bachelor students will get to know each other and the School of Economics and Management in an informal way. The MID is an interactive, fun day which will take place during the TOP Week.

Promotion Committee
This committee is responsible for the exposure of MAK as a whole, especially during the Introduction Period.

Social activities

Every two years two MAKkers will organise ‘MAKmen-MAKwomen’. This ‘battle of the sexes’ is organised to determine who’re the best: MAKmen or MAKwomen.

Every two years (this switches with the MAKmen/MAKwomen activity) two MAKkers will organise ‘MAKbrothers-MAKsisters’. During this day both the brothers and sisters of MAKkers will be shown what MAK is and what a MAKker does.

Twice a year two MAKkers will organise a MAKweekend for all MAKkers. Every MAKweekend is composed of many nice activities.

This committee, which consists of new MAKkers only, organises an activity for all MAKkers.

Walking Dinner
Twice a year a walking dinner is organized by two MAKkers. MAKkers are divided into small groups and prepare a course. Each course will take place at another location.

Intro Committee
This committee organizes several informal activities around the introduction period. These are activities for just the MAKkers to make the TOP Week and the weeks before it a bit more exciting. This committee consists of four to five MAKkers. Last years we did, amongst others; a champagne breakfast, a beercantus, drinking games, a barbecue, a playback show, etc.

MAK Social Committee
They organize activities to make our weekly drink a bit more special. Their main focus is to bring the MAKkers together a bit more and in that way to create more bonding. They organize simpel activities such as a dinner for all MAKkers.

Christmas Dinner/New Years Eve/other activities
There are also four MAKkers who take on making the Christmas Dinner for all MAKkers. Also, two MAKkers organize a New Years Eve party for all MAKkers. Besides this there are several activities that MAK always participates in such as the Batavierenrace and the Hart van Brabantloop. Finally, to stimulate the contact with our alumni, we organize a barbecue for all MAKkers and all alumni (MUKkers).

Supporting committees

AdCo (Advisory Council)
This council consists of a group of former board members of the MAK. Whenever the board of the MAK needs advice about a certain subject, they can turn to the advisory council.

ArtDeCo (Art and Design Committee)
The ArtDeCo is the perfect committee for creative MAKkers. The posters and flyers you get from MAK are made by this committee as well as MAK’s promotion videos are.

AuCo (Auditing Committee)
This committee checks the bills and the financial administration of the treasurer of MAK. Only previous board members take place in this committee.